How can I get my lines smoother?

I only recently started a trial for Animate, and it’s interface is quite the slow learn for me, since it looks and feels so much more complex than Flash–the software I previously worked in. The big reason I flocked to ToonBoom rather, was because Flash’s brush just waaasn’t good enough for me… Good enough for me and my petty standards.
And another reason supporting that, was because a couple ToonBoom users’ content showed me promise that a better brush in an animation software existed, and only 'till I doodled around with the tools in Paint Tool Sai, that I realized I neeeeded something like this.

I really like consistent thickness in refined lines, pressure sensitivity was cool for rough drafting and sketching it out, but I didn’t really enjoy using it for refinery. This talented dude here also uses ToonBoom animate, and here’s what his drawings look like:

The file attached is a screenshot of what I’m drawing and how it looks, it’s sort of “pixel-ey” if that makes sense to you, similar to MSpaint, hardcore bitmap blocky sharp edgy square side thingy thing. m runnin outta words to describe. Is there some kind of setting to fix my lines and turn them into something similar to the guy’s in the video above?
Sorry for typing out so dang much.

Maybe try the pencil tool? You can use brushes on it as well, but they’re more vector as opposed to bitmap so might be more useful and smooth? (I don;t really know this, am just guessing…)

Believe me, I’ve scrawled away with every tool that I could with. Do you think there’s rather some kind of setting to change it, or that it ends up looking different when the project is actually exported? Increasing the smoothing settings in the tool properties window for either the pencil or brush just sort of makes it take a split second to fixate the line into some sort of annoyingly perfect curve, but doesn’t fix that “bitmap” look. I’m still clueless, I reeeally want it to feel Paint Tool Sai-ish, like the pen in that software, if you understand what I’m saying. Thank you for trying anyway.

The export is different then what you see while you are drawing it. You can see an approximation as to what they will look like if you click that little colorful flower looking thing in the bottom left corner below your drawing window. You will notice a greyscale looking flower to the left of it and a camera icon to its right.

I /just/ discovered that myself when I tried to export a project to see what would happen, it really is different. I didn’t know about the lil flower icon thing though, what I really wanted was to see how the lines would look like, /while/ I was drawing–thank you for the advice. But one thing, it’s… not really working for me, or maybe… I don’t know, when I click the colored flower icon, when the camera stage is open with a few drawings, the stage just turns black, that’s all. The greyscale flower makes it change back to normal though, do you know what’s going on?

Yep. Sorry I should have mentioned that you need to add a color card. It is located in the same place you add drawing layers, cameras and what have you.

Sorry… But… What’s a color card again? :confused:
What is it supposed to do, and what does the icon look like exactly?

It just fills the background with white. You can change the color to whatever you want though.

Down by the timeline and above your drawing layer you will see a few icons. They are a pair of eyes, then a check mark icon, then a plus and minus.

Click the plus and it will expand showing you different layers that you can add. Select the one that says color card.

All of this stuff is in the video tutorials hosted on here.

Thank you so much! It finally worked! It’s a bit laggy in real-time which is expected but it’s manageable. Sorry for all the battering questions, it takes a little more than enough to explain something to someone like me. You did a real deed helping me out with this. Thanks, man.

there are also real time antialiasing settings in preferences