How can I find music composers?

I’m working on an animatic for a new cartoon, and I’m interested in finding somebody to create the music for it. While I feel comfortable creating foley sound effect, quality musical scoring still feels out of reach.

Can anybody refer a site to find somebody (or do you know somebody already) that can do this? My hope is to hand off the animatic in Quicktime format to somebody and let them work on the music while I continue on with the actual animation, combining them in the compositing step.

Thank you,

A local music school’s noticeboard could provide you with someone.

Some students may be able to fit your project into their curriculum or just relish the challenge. If you can pay, the tutors or senior students might take the bait.

I went to do it once and ended up answering a noticeboard request by a musician wanting to score music instead of placing my own ad! At the very least, someone from that world could direct you down the path to finding someone professional.

Or maybe musicians around the world have forums you could post to?.. Good luck with your project!



Hey Will,

Give this thread a try, if you don’t find anything I actually know a few guys that are extremely talented & would probably enjoy something like this.
Let me know how you make out.

Very cool find Pat, that’s exactly what I couldn’t seem to find for the life of me. Thank you both,

Hi there. I work full-time as a children’s music creator/performer, but I’ve also done some orchestral work and scoring. I’d be glad to take a look and do a small spec part to see what you think. The only thing is that I’m still on the road until late September, so I probably wouldn’t be able to do much work until after that point when I’m back home.

I also have an animatic I could show you of some scoring I did for an animated show, though I don’t know if it’s remotely near the style of what you’re working on. Anyway, contact me through here if you’re interested.


Excellent Eric, thank you. I sent you an email from your site.