how can i continuie after a looped sequence?

hello, im not sure where to post this for the best reply, but hopefully someone will read this that can help. i have a pegged walking sequence and i would like to have it do something else after the loop but any key frame made after the loop erases the loop?! pleeaaase help me


You will have to copy and paste instead of using the loop feature. This should allow most flexibility in the animation as well since you will be able to modify the timing according to the animation that is coming up after the cycle.

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thank you very much, i was getting worried no one would respond and my current project was on hold until i had this answer.

thank you

thats pretty tricky, because when you right click it doesn’t give you the cut and paste option, but using the hot keys or the edit menu works, thanks for the tip

Here’s a couple of easier ways I’ve been experimenting with lately:

Be sure you have the rig collapsed. Select all the keys you want to copy, then Control-Drag them down the timeline, drop, repeat.

Another, somewhat easier and, in the long term, more efficienc approch is to use your library. Collapse the rig and drag the animation to the library. You’ll need to rename it as it will want to use the top most element name. Once it’s in your library, you can drag it onto the timeline on top of the rig already in place.

Provided your pivot points are all the same and you have set keys for every element, you can use this method to work through a single rig and bring in pre-set poses. Once you’ve set it up, it gets quick and easy.

Hope that makes sense and helps.