How can I change the frame rate after I've created an animation?

So I’m working on a animated serie with some other animators and they’ve used another frame rate for the storyboard, so when I extracted the storyboard to toon boom I didn’t notice that the sound didn’t fit with the animation anymore. I’m animating at 24 fps and would like to add it up too 30 to make it fit with the sound.

is it possible to do that? and how?

  • Michi 14 y\o

Another thing to be aware of, is that if you aready started animating at 24fps and change the framerate of the scene, Harmony will not compensate the timing, so your 24fps animation will run at 30fps, everything will be a bit faster since 24 frames will not be 1 second anymore.

When you import audio into the software it conform to the frame rate
of your project so this should not be necessary. However, you can change
the frame rate of your project from the menu-Scene-Render Settings…
on the “resolution” tab.

Be aware that if you change the frame rate, you will need to
delete and re-import any audio file already imported so that it is
re-sampled at the new frame rate of the project.