How can i animate the anchor Points from a Rectangel

Hey i try to animate a simple rectangle
which becomes different forms

but i want to move the anchor points during the animation

How can i animate the anchor Points from a Rectangel

a second question is

can i bake also normal animated cell
i will broke it into seperate cells after normal animation

Hello Ikramobile,

Depending on the version of Harmony you are using, you can achieve this in multiple ways.

First one would be to create new drawings for the next shape that your rectangle will take. You should then be able to morph your rectangle into its new shape. For more specifications on how morphing works, please look into the following link:

Second way to do it would be to use the envelope deformer, available within Harmony Premium. You can create a deformer around your rectangle and change its shape with the contour points that you’ve set up around it. Check out the following link for more info!

Last but not least, you can go for traditional paperless and deform your rectangle frame by frame with the drawing tools.

Both option one and option two have the capacity to then be “baked” into drawings.

Hope this answers your question!