how can i acheive realistic ball bounce?

suppose i am animating a ball bouncing. when a ball bounces up, it tends to slow down before falling down. on the motion path, theres these little lines. i asume that the more far apart these lines are, the more quicker the object goes. so if i can add more of these lines on the top of the curve, where the ball is suppose to slow down, then maybe the ball can go more slower. so does anyone know how i can add more of these little lines to the motion path?

First do the animation with with 3 key frames. The ground, the peak and back to ground (i would also add a little scale so the ball is a bit squished on the ground). Then on the middle key frame click set ease for multiple parameters and you can play with the ease setting there until you are happy.

To elaborate a little on “TheRaider’s” technique…

You might like and have a look at JK’s excellent classical “Bouncing Ball” tutorial:
(it’s done with Toon Boom Studio, but, it’s still the way to go…)

For a very simple continuous ball bounce, check this video demonstration with Animate 2:
(no sound, it’s all fairly easy and self-explanatory)