How big is the Animation download?

I’m considering the download version of Animation, rather than the shipped version…

1) How big is the file?

2) How many chances do I get to download it? Can I download it at any time, months/years after my purchase, or is it closed after a while?

3) Would the shipped version be coming from Montreal, Canada?


1. The file for the software itself should be less then 500 mb (somewhere around 250mb).

2. When you do an online purchase the software gets added to your product list in the My Account>My Products which will allow to download the software and patch directly online whenever you want.

3. If you buy a box version directly from Toon Boom Animation Inc. you will be sent the box from Montreal Canada.

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Hi. Thanks for the answers.

So, if I order a boxed version from this site, it will be shipped to me (Toronto, Ontario) from Montreal, correct? There’s no chance that it will be shipped to me from the States?

Sorry, just want to make sure it’s not crossing the border, otherwise I’d just get the download version.


Yes it will be shipped directly from the main office here in Montreal so there is no border involved.