Does anyone wiht some experience live in Houston? I have a series I written series I would like to animate, and I bought all the workout series, but I still don’t know how to use them. 8)

Hey there GCB. I live in College Station, about 90 minutes from Houston.

I’m moving to DC in a couple of weeks though.

Tell us more about your project. It’s quite likely that this is the kind of task that can be done remotely, via email/instant messenger/phone. If that’s the case then I’m sure you’ll get several interested animators.


Hi thanks for replying ;D ;D

I am really exited about doing You
Tube with animation. I already wrote the script for the animation–it is about 2 minutes long. I would like to do my site starting off iwth animation, and then spray art. I intend to sell the spray art on EBAY. A few artists are doing this, and they are doing quite well wit hte sale of their art :stuck_out_tongue:
I know a guy who is a world class spray artist, and I wrote the script using animated characters from an already popular person on You Tube…so the video should get some views. My idea is to run the aniation for two minutes, then show the spray art for a couple of minutes…the spray art will be about the characters in th eaniation…and then put the 3 paintings up for sale on EBAY. I think this would go over pretty well…and we could all split the money.
I am a fair artist, but I am struggling with the animation. Would someone be interested in doing the animation side of this project for 25% of whatever the art sells for? I would get 25% for writing and management…the spray artist 25%, the person on youy tube 25 % and you 25%…
If anyone is interested, how long do you think it would take to animate a 2 minute video from scratch?
I think it would be fun to work on a team with this project…and may be th eonly way for me to actually complete it. :-<br />thanks, Kenny

Hi Giant,

Just some thoughts here, you have an interesting idea, but I’m not sure you realize what you are asking someone to do. (and for 25% of an undetermined amount of money) I’m sure your script is good, and I know it takes hard work & skill to write a decent script. I fancy myself to be a decent writer as well, and thinking in terms of my own experience (all I really have to go on) the last two scripts I wrote were both for pieces that will be between 7-12 min long. The scripts were written in under a day each, although I did do some minor revising later. Now I don’t know how long it took you to write your script, and that doens’t really matter, my point is that your 2 minute animation(120 sec) - at 24 frames per second - equals 2880 individual frames. Thats a whole lot of drawings(or keyframing) to ask someone to do for you. I’m not knocking the writing process, I find great joy in it myself, but in the case of animation, the brunt of the workload falls on the animator, not the writer, and certainly not on “a guy on youtube.” While he may have vids that get a lot of plays, there are plenty of ways to get your stuff seen on the internet without paying someone to post a vid under their username on youtube.

Again, I’m only saying that as my own opinion, and I don’t mean to put you down or offend in any way. I just think you should have an idea of what you’re really asking of someone in this project, and if you don’t get any takers, this should give you a very strong possibility of why that is. I might suggest either practicing drawing yourself or maybe rework your #'s.

That said, best of luck to you and I hope you are able to produce a funny toon for us all to enjoy :slight_smile: