Hotkeys not working by default

I’ve been having this frustrating issue where my hotkeys, primarily non-custom ones, do not work in any project. The temporary solution I’ve found is manually setting a hotkey to its default key (even though it’s already displayed as that) in the hotkey preference menu, but doing this for every single shortcut is a huge pain. I was wondering if anybody else experienced this and found a solution. examples are that K no longer shows and hides strokes and I can’t move forward or backward one frame with “,” or “.” for clarification, the menu does say that the shortcuts are set to those keys and I am on mac.

Have you manually modified your shortcuts.xml by any chance? If there’s an error in that file, then none of the shortcuts will load. If this is the case, then finding and fixing any errors in it or reverting to the original shortcuts.xml should fix it.