Hot to stop audio in the project from moving when revising a scene

Hi there, we’re a studio that is now using Stbd Pro 6 to storyboard and to create the leica’s as well. We’re running into a problem where after we’ve done a tonne of revisions, the audio in the project has shifted enough that it becomes a problem. Any way that you guys have found to stop this?


What kind of problem is that?

/ Mattias

The problem is that the sound has moved out of sync with panels, during the revision process. So if we made changes to sc 5,10,and 15 for example, we find the audio has shifted thru the rest of the project.
Any way to stop that?


Yes I am familiar with the problem when editing a project and the audofiles move if there is a panel connected to them.

You can lock the audio layers and they will not move.

If there are some audios you want to move you might move them to a layer which is not locked.

That solve the problem?