Horizontally flipping a character rig problems

I’ve just read a post on this problem and it seemed to help the guy who asked the question but it doesn’t seem to have helped me at all.

My problem is, I have a mixed character rig with 6 views all facing to the left and I want to flip the character for each view to face the right so that I end up with a 360 view when the movie is played. However every time I try to flip it, huge problems arise and I’ll bullet what I’ve tried and the result.

  1. I’ve tried dragging a Key Pose from the library to the timeline and then flipping that, which ends up flipping every single instance of it beforehand.

  2. I’ve duplicated the view I want to flip, then pasted it as a duplicate drawing and that also flips every other instance before it.

  3. I’ve tried selecting everything from the camera view and copying and pasting into a new frame, but then the new drawing shows up in the drawing view, but not the camera view,

  4. I’ve tried copying the drawing from the timeline, then use paste special to create a new drawing and flipping that, which solves the problem of any other instance flipping, but then all the pivot points remain in the same place as the pre-flipped original. If I update the pivots, they just use the same pivots as the pre-flipped original so nothing changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m at a complete loss!

Thank you.

You can do this using just the character’s master peg (provided I’m
understanding your problem correctly…). Select the peg and go into
the “Layer Properties” window; scroll down to the “scale” section and
put a “-1” for the axis you wish to invert. This will permanently flip the
character. If you want to flip it at a cetain frame, click the “S” shaped
button at the end of the axis line to create a function and add a keyframe
to keyframe this value at -1 or if the scale is other than 1 just add a minus
sign in front of the number to flip it at that frame position.