Hopefully a really simple question...

I know this sub only has 500 subs at the moment so idk if this is the actual place for general questions, but I have a really simple one!

When selecting different drawing layers, all the other ones lower in opacity to highlight the one that is selected. Although this is helpful when individually editing the layers, is there a way to preview the canvas as if they are all selected at once (ie. everything fully opaque)? Is there an easy way of flipping between full canvas/individual layer modes?
https://downloader.vip/rightmove/ https://downloader.vip/kijiji/ https://downloader.vip/quizlet/

Not sure if I understood fully but maybe the Lighttable is on? Try it turned off.
I believe it’s SHIFT+L (and I think you must be in the Drawing view, not in front of my computer right now)