Holding SHIFT with MAC shortcuts

I’ve recently started using Harmony on a MAC. Previously I used Animate Pro 2 on my Windows Laptop.

Clicking “<” and “>” flips between frames on my old workspace. Now that I’m on a Mac with Harmony I have to click SHIFT + > and <.

I’d rather just click < and > without the shift. It may seem trivial but thats how ive gotten used to it.

Is there any way to make it so I just have to click < and > ??

Edit: when i check the shortcut keys in the preferences, it just shows “< and >” it doesnt specify to use SHIFT but it wont work until I hold down SHIFT


Hi Myrobotlandlord,
I just tested myself in Mac and i was able to click only “<” and “>” to flip between last frame and next frame without hold shift.
Did you try to reset the preference ?
Which version of Harmony are you using and what’s the Mac OSX version you are using ?