holding panel for duration of project

Is there a way to hold one specific panel for the duration of a project? For example, I might need a logo that remains in the bottom right corner of the entire board. I know I could add it to the library and drag it in on every panel, which is not what I am looking to do. Thanks!

Where do you want you logo to appear, in the QuickTime or on the PDF? In the QuickTime you can’t put a watermark directly.If it’s for a print on paper by PDF export you can use the Footer or Header tab in the Export to PDF…> Edit Form > Header or Footer tab > Footer Logo.

It’s an area within the tv space where you don’t want to do mouth shapes because companies put their logos onscreen from time to time. In our boards we have a small square area for the duration of that board that needs to be seen. It’s not a footer on the printed version. It’s a layer that needs to last throughout the board.

In that case there is no way at this point to have this. You’d have to create a template level and drag it in each panel. Another way would be to create the first panel with that special area defined and then do duplicate panel everytime you need a new one instead of using the create new shot or panel. It’s probably not that great a solution either though.