Holding E for Eraser loses linetool settings

Using Alt+E will retain the rounded-line erase however holding E doesn’t retain the rounded line; instead it seems to use the default tapered erase. Is this built in or a setting I can change?


I can only comment on Animate and Animate Pro as I do not have Harmony. Generally, whatever they share with Harmony works identically.

If you want a specific form of the Eraser Tool to appear when using Alt E you just click on the Eraser Tool and make the selection. Then when you are working with another tool and use Alt E the software presents the Eraser Tool with the settings you selected previously.

BTW, what is the use of holding E? When do you use it? It appears to be a temporary preview stroke. As with Alt E it also is presented with the settings previously selected.

Holding the key is a way to switch to a tool for the time that the key is pressed, when you let go it reverts to the previous tool. If I hold E, I’d like it to retain the most recent settings. It seems to retain the size and sensitivity, but not the tip style.

When I hold the E only the results using the full on eraser settings stick while results using the soft eraser presets go away when I release the E.

EDIT: I was exchanging emails with Support regarding this. A support tech explained that the soft eraser only works on textured art and not on vector art. In the process of creating a video to send I observed that neither holding E or using the eraser tool set to soft eraser used on vector art are retained and the only difference between the two is the amount of time they remain before disappearing.