hold thing

Let’s say that i have a character and a table and that on the table there is a glass.

I want that my character goes to the table and takes the glass.

How do i do that?

I mean, i need a way to make my character hold things and then leave things.


is there any place in the properties menu or in the network view that i can do it?

You probably want to rig it using a peg and parent the object to a character’s hand, so when you move the hand, the object moves as well. Or, using IK, you can move the object and the entire arm will move with it.

this i know how to do…

but i need to start holding something at a certain frame, and then, leave it again in another frame

My workaround: (I’ve actually done this)

Create an ‘empty drawing’ on the glass layer. Once you reach the frame that it is to be picked up, switch the drawing to the ‘empty drawing’ so it will simply disappear from view. You can then turn it back on by switching back to the previous drawing when needed.

In the meantime duplicate that drawing of the Hand and edit the duplicate to be holding a Glass. Activate that drawing as he ‘picks it up’. Switch it back to the drawing of just-the-hand when he puts it down.

i like this technique because you can represent his hand holding the glass easier… the thumb might be in ‘front’ of the glass while the rest of the hand is ‘behind’ it (or vice versa).

thanks rayN_93682

i think that it will work for me!