Hola tengo un problema con una licencia que no puedo iniciar

Hola tengo un problema al tratar de iniciar una licencia, tengo internet, pero por alguna razon no puedo ingresar a la pagina de Harmony, desde ningun navegador, reinicie la secion DCHP, reinicie el router, y nada, borré las cokkies de firefox y tampoco, se habra bloqueado mi salida IP ?

Hello, I have a problem trying to start a license, I have internet, but for some reason I cannot enter the Harmony page, from any browser, restart the DCHP section, restart the router, and nothing, I deleted the firefox cokkies and neither Will my IP output have been blocked?

Hello LukyStar,

Our IT and support team will be able to help troubleshoot this with you, so please reach out to them at support@toonboom.com

This sounds like a config issue that they might be able to fix rather quickly.