Hiring an animator for freelance work?

I’m looking for an freelance animator to help make a music video, length is 3:32.

I’ve always been quite interested in animation so I’m trying to get the hang of Toon Boom so I could try and do the work myself. But naturally, as a beginner I’m becoming more and more doubtful that I’m actually going to be able to do it. The thing is, I also don’t have much money to employ someone else to do it.

So basically I’m asking for your opinion -

How much do you think it would cost to hire someone to do this job?

Would it be better to just try and do it myself?

The single comes out in mid August so I need the video asap. Is it even remotely possible that I’d be able to do it or for anyone to be able to do it within that time??

Thanks! Any help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

hey, what is the song???

For what it’s worth I just got a quote for someone looking to make a promo/commercial of 30sec, it was $1,500. Animation is lots of work. I suggest learning it with some buddies and making it a group project.

I’ve worked on a few animated music videos and a ton of television series. When it comes to a non-studio project like this, the price is whatever you could afford. If you only have a thousand dollars and one month to do complete the video, of course it can be done, but a lower quality than if you had 10 000 dollars and 5 animators working on it.

I’d be interested in animating it, if the price is right.
Check out some of my work here;

Feel free to email me at fukimotoz@hotmail.com

Hey guys, thanks so much for the replies!

Vander-Josh, the song is my band’s first single. If you’d like to hear it I’ll PM you a link to our MySpace :slight_smile:

Nick, thanks for your input! Looks like I may have to either learn to get good or start putting in some overtime at work…

fukimotoz - I’m about to email you but just thought I’d reply here as well so it doesn’t look like I’m ignoring you.