highlighting words

Hi all - am doing a read-along dvd with the story text displayed at the bottom as a rolling marquee. As each word is read, the client wants the word highlighted a red color - once read, it returns to its original black color while the next word is highlighted the red color, etc … aside from having to mark each word with its frame number, i am at a loss on how to isolate the word, without making each word its own cell. Has anyone ever done this or have an idea on how it can be accomplished without spending years to do it? thanks, dan

The best way that I can think of is to create a drawing layer with the full test and animate without the color change.

Then at the first frame you want a word to turn red, select the frame in the timeline, right click and use the Duplicate Drawing command. This will create a new drawing and set it active for the rest of the exposure. Changes in this drawing will then be applied only from this frame forward.

Change the desired word to red. Then go to the next frame where a word needs to turn red and repeat the Duplicate Drawing steps.

Yes, you can create a annotation layer to highlight the word with read and program a project to dismiss the font after the words are read. And to be honest, this is a little difficult to me.