Hierarchy Rigging Fail? HELP?!


I’ve been following rigging tutorials on youtube/reading here, and there must be something I’m missing, because my bone rig is just not working! I create the bones no problem, but then when I go to move the bones into the proper hierarchy so that they are all connected and I can move the entire character “as one”, the part that I move just…disappears…from the camera?! What am I doing wrong? My guess is that the bone rig is not properly attaching to the composite (despite my display being set to "display)? But I’m not 100% sure, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix it. I am using harmony pro, but I really want to avoid trying to fix the problem with node view because I didn’t organize it as I went (didn’t realize I had to) and I created a LOT of artwork for characters so now my node view is basically just a long composite at the bottom with a huge stack of stuff all lined up & hard to manage/figure out & I’m afraid of messing it up even more at this point, since I am still very new to all this :blush: . Any help in this issue would be greatly appreciated…

Looks like you received the answer in response to your other post.


Thanks :slight_smile: