Hierarchy Not working

when using the transform and animate tool the entire body section does not highlight when selected.

Example: When I click on the upper thigh the tibia and shoe are not selected. should it not be when i click the upper thigh the entire left leg from the upper thigh to the tibia to the shoe is selected?

Question: How do I select the entire lower left leg with one click? or the right entire arm? things like this.

Using animate 2

Followed tutorials step by step

I have created the master peg, upper body peg, and lower body peg.

Looks like it’s selecting the actual single drawing layer of the upper thigh, which is of course only one element. If you work with pegs to create the hierarchy, activate the option “Peg selection mode” in the tool properties of the transform tool. This way you can only select pegs and when you click the thigh you will get thigh+lower leg+shoe. If you use drawing layers to create the hierarchy a good solution is to draw handles (like big X) at the pivot points. Then you can click the X and get the whole chain.

Thank you.