Hierachy and Layering is backwards to what I'd expect


My understanding of the Hierachy in the drawing layers is that if I have a Parent drawing and I move it then it’s Children will automatically follow it. Therefore if the Parent Drawing is a “head” and it has children called “Eyes” and I move the head, the eyes will follow.

So I drag the Eyes drawing onto the Head drawing and the Eyes become a child of the Head, as I would expect. However the Eyes are now drawn behind the Head, making them invisible. If I select the Eyes drawing and select Element/Arrange/Bring to Front (which is sometimes grayed out, I am not sure why). The Eyes remain behind the Head drawing.

Is it possible to have a Child Drawing, display in front of a Parent Drawing?

Regards, Jon

Your answer is on the Layering Elements page in the TB WIKI , see the section called Z-direction in 3D space near the bottom of the page. -JK

Layering Elements (Toon Boom WIKI)