Hiding single keyframe

I have a quick job to do and I need to make some shuffle in my animation. I stuck at certain place: is there a possibility to hide single keyframes not whole element and its layer so it would be something like vanishing effect (more less)? And after few secons it would be visible again (show keyframe option or something like that…)
Thanks in advance

Hi Paperpet, if you are referring to hiding cells, then yes, you can hide cells in a Drawing Element. Go to the targeted Frame, then click the Cells tab (lower right pane), then set the slider to the left-most position to make the cell drawing disappear from that point in time onwards. To make it reappear, go to the desired time (Frame), change the slider position again.

Hi TheCubiclite
That was what I wanted. Thanks so much for such precise answer :slight_smile:
Thanks a million!!!