Hiding hidden drawings

Hi. I think I have finally created a decent puppet and got him saved as a template… my trouble now is trying to work out how to expose one aspect of the puppet at a time. I have checked the manual and the training videos but I just cant find the answer.
My puppet template has 3 views - ie 3 frames (similar to ToonBooms example ballerina who has 5 rotation views). When I bring the template into a new project, all 3 positions are dropped into the timeline and hence become part of my animation. How do I make it so that I can work any aspect of my puppet as and when i choose?
Does my description make sense?
Tim :slight_smile:


In general, if you would want to switch from one view to another you would need to change each piece exposure with the cell swapping feature of the Library. If you want to work on a single view only you could delete the exposure from the timeline for the other views, if you ever want to recover the over views simply use the cell swapper. Other then that you could make yourself a template which has only 1 view exposed on it to easily swap from one view to another.

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Thanks for your quick reply.
Hmm - I shall continue to try what you suggest though im not sure I’ve got it right. It would be great to watch someone do it. The tutorial videos are great but they dont show my specific problem. Anyone do skype screen-share tutorials?? :wink:
I shall press on. I am sure it all comes down to practice and experimentation :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help
tim :slight_smile: