Hide Selected Column button in Xsheet View toolbar's extra buttons

I see a reference to the Hide Selected Column button in the Xsheet View toolbar’s extra buttons on page 258 of the Animate/Animate Pro manual but I’m unable to find these “extra buttons” in the program. Where is it/are they located? Thanks.

Hi rkanimationMake sure that X-sheet view is activated. Go to top meny -Windows -Toolbars and make sure x-sheet is checked.Rightclick on the toolbar in the x-sheet and choose -Customize.A popup-menu with two “compartments” appear.In the left, all not active options are listed in the right, all active options are listed.Press the -Hide Selected Coloumn in the left compartment, then press the left to right arrow between the compartment(top). Press Ok if finished, press apply if you want to customize further.Best regardsIvar

Thanks, Ivar, I found it. ;D