Hide Data View layer names

I’m using Animate 3 at work and Animate 3 Pro at home. Both are on Windows 7 64-bit. When I click on the double sided arrow to reveal the Data View in the timeline, Animate 3 shows only the name of the frame. I prefer it that way. When I reveal the Data View in the timeline in Pro, it shows “layer name-” followed by frame name. I REALLY do not want to see the layer name repeated in the Data View area, I just want to see the drawing name. Sometimes because the layer name is so long, the Data View window clips the name because the width of the Data View window is not adjustable. I’ve tried to adjust it and it seems to be a bug that both sliders on the left and right of the Data View only effect the width of the layers area. See image for screenshot of Animate 3 vs. Animate 3 PRO. This is especially frustrating while trying to work on a 13" Cintiq monitor where seeing the repeated layer names in the tiny Data View columns REALLY makes things look messy and confusing to sift through. Please help me figure out how to hide the layer name in Animate 3 Pro. Thanks.

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in Harmony 12
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