Hidden open windows

Generally in other software you can go to Windows in the top menu bar and see all of the windows that are currently open. You have an opportunity to bring a hidden window to the surface if it is blocked from view. I do not see a way to do this in Animate 3 or Animate Pro 3.

My options have been to move everything manually and look for the hidden window. Sometimes it is not visible at all no matter where I look. Another option is to close and reopen the project. And another option is to open a duplicate window of the one I cannot see. None of this is efficient. I may have something in progress that deviates from any saved Workspace as I am working so restoring the workspace is usually an undesirable compromise.

Is there a way to access and bring up windows that are already open through a menu?

Menu-Windows-[name of window you are looking for] should work.

If something is not right you can use menu-Windows-Reset Default Workspace

Thank you but I find that this approach just opens an additional instance of the same window if it is already open and hidden behind others.

I have since learned of a way to retain dual display workspaces so I can just re-choose the custom workspace to reset it.