HI, super newbie here with some questions before i begin using!

Well, I usually do storyboards the old fashioned way or with a template that i created in FCP, but I figured I’d try my next film and do it the toonboom way since we have the software loaded. But i have a few questions after going thru the tutorials and reading the docs.


oh, ps. is there a completed storyboard somewhere that i can study as an example? i am more a visual person and if i can see a real file that is best practice, i am like a monkey and can mimic, thx!

Hi,Here are the answers to your question:1. Storyboard comes with a set of default templates. You should also get extra templates from the following link:http://www.toonboom.com/products/storyboardpro/eLearning/templates/Otherwise be aware that you can make yourself templates so if you know you would be reusing assets multiple times you can create a template out of it and it to allow you to recover it more easily in the future.2. If you have the regular Storyboard (without the timeline and animatic features) you should be able to recover the 1.5 version through the My Account>My Products section of our website. If you have Storyboard Pro the 1.5 version is actually a paid upgrade that can be done through the following link for 199.99$: http://www.toonboom.com/buy/onlinestore/customer/product.php?productid=16169&cat=&page=(you need to have the software registered to the account you are logged with)3. There might have been changes in the EDL export since the version you have but in the latest version you should be able to export EDL fully compatibly with FCP. Finally, concerning projects we don’t have any specific samples projects available fore the moment.Best regards,Ugo