Hi Rez? FPS

In animation properties, the maximum resolution I can create is 2048x2048 and 100 FPS. I couldn’t find any reference to this anywhere in the manual.

What I would like to know is, is there some way to get higher resolution out of TBS effectively? (don’t really care about FPS).



Hi dnns,

The maximum resolution of Toon Boom Studio is 2048x2048 and the maximum speed is 99fps.

It is good enough to make any kind of projects except maybe a feature film (4k film cause 2k film is supported).

What kind of projects are you making that requires such a resolution?

just curious.


Two issues, one is that I might need a film print, the other, more important is that I need to output some stuff for print (posters)-which means I need about 7200 dpi. I’ve tried upresing with poor results (Photoshop, and Fractal’s or whoevers plug-in)

thanks for the response.