Hi, I'm new here. Cell animation question.

Hi, I’m new to both this forum and animation. If I were to do cel animation (not with toonboom), how would I mix the sound and the images? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I guess it depends what software you use…there maybe the ability to do it in the software. If not then you would have to compose the sound in a sound editing porgram then composite the animation and the sound together in another package.


Thank you. If I wanted to get my animations broadcasted on national television, how would I go about doing this and which network should I choose?

Lol i have no idea, i live in england not usa so i dont know about over there…if you are new to animation its VERY unlikely you will get ur animations on tv yet :stuck_out_tongue: You should learn for a few years before you consider that, i reckon.



That sucks. It seemed to work for Matt Groening, maybe that was a different time. :’( :stuck_out_tongue: