Hey check this out

I fianlly got done with part one of my first cartoon. Look here if you please. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1eDYs4Tunc
It is the opening scene but it actually is comprised of three toon boom scenes. The first scene is the worst mess. That one has just the husband. Sliding feet, floating beer can and magazine. And it took me the longest. The next two scenes are not as bad. Look it over and give me your thoughts. I hope you laugh.

I rarely post public comments about other people’s work. I usually only offer my thoughts or suggestions privately, but I’m making an exception today. I won’t kid you by saying that the animation is really slick, because it is pretty rough, but you get a major “nice job” for the way you are trying to use the camera and the aggressive way you are trying to keep an otherwise not so interesting setting, a living room, interesting. And more importantly you are telling a story and holding the viewers attention. The dialog sounds like a real conversation, it could have come from a hidden microphone. That’s not an easy feat to get such natural dialog recorded. Nice job. -JK

JK, thanks for the kind words. Coming from you that really means something. I am now working on part 2 and hope to continue improving my animation technique.