Here's an Animate file for y'all

Here’s a file that I created to help me with doing all my drawing (from roughs to cleaned up artwork) within Animate.

What it is; A simple 10 frame file with a Master Peg:Headz-P that has 5 child layers. The child layers are aligned (as near as I can make sure) with the 12-field guide from camera and Drawing view. The “Axis” layer is a vertical line at the center of the field guide. The other layers, 4head, 5head, etc, are for getting the porportion of your character down. For shorter/taller Characters, you can make a copy of the head chart layer and scale that puppy up or down.

You can use these guides with the 12 or 16 grid Field guides, as they were made to fit these guides. After you make this file a template, you can then drag it to your timeline, create a new drawing layer for your character, Go to the Headz-P peg, open it and uncheck (or delete) the layers of the Head measurements you don’t want/need for the current project. Go back to your draw layer and begin sketching your character’s turn-around.

Also, there’s a custom color Palette with a black “clean-up” color and some transparent colors for sketching.

You can save this file as a template and/or symbol in your Animate Library (UG. chapter 9), and reuse it in your projects with some confidence that your characters are built to the same "scale."

There’s a Workout set called “creating Cut out characters” in the e-learning section of the ToonBoom Studio area that I still find helpful in Animate.

Here’s the URL for the Zipped .digital file (Mac Users, just click on the link and it should download. Windows Users: you may want to right click and choose “save this file” or something like that, on this link to download directly to your harddrive):


According to the answer to one of my never-ending-series of questions, although on the Mac this will be just a packaged *.digital file, on Windows OS, this will be a folder that contains the *.digital file.

Please post your results/thoughts/opinions/wthatev in this thread. I’m interested in how this works on other peep’s systems.

Custom Palettes can be shared this way, too. All you need, I believe, is just a drawing layer and a custom color palette. Save the file into your library (UG chapt 9, again) as a template and you can access it from any Animate file. I have an old palette (bitmapped) of the colors used for Marvel Comics when they first started digitally coloring comics, that I think would be kinda cool to share. Whatchu think? I may be able to get it done by the end of this year.



Mike, thank you for this! Will work with this over the next few days.