Hello everybody!Its nice to be here!
I would like to clear some doubt
about Toom boom.


Which is the great difference between TBStudio and TBStoryboard?
I see the first it is to create animations and the second to join these animations in a production?We must have both?


Starting from which version have the tool " bone animatio"?I have TBS 4.5 and I don’t find anything similar.

Thanks in advance!
(Sorry by my english)

Studio is the tool set for animation production. Storyboard is a visualization tool for story planning that can be used to plan either live action or animated productions. If you want to animate then all you need is Studio. Storyboard is a nice extra set of supplemental tools but not required to animate just to aid in planning your production. Many people use Studio for both purposes, it’s not as flexible for storyboarding but it’s functional.

As to bone functionality you will need to upgrade to TBS version 6 or TB Animate. Hope this helps. JK


Thank you! :slight_smile: