could someone help me out with my problem?? sometimes the red line doesnt line up with the box i shade in so i cannot work on things very smoothly.

this is kind of how it is

[o][ ][ ][k]

in those boxes the o is where the red line goes when i click the k box so it doesnt edit the box that i want! :frowning: i dont know how to fix it does anyone know?

hey there,

I think we need some more information to help you out here.

What exactly do you mean by the “red line” and “box”?

Are you referring to boxes you’ve drawn? Or are you talking about cells in the timeline or X-sheet?

I’ll try to answer your questions if I can, but try to be more specific in describing your problems. Let us know exactly what you are doing & with what tools etc. Then hopefully either myself or someone else here will be able to help you out.

ok yeah the cell i click and the red line that usually shows up with the chosen cell doesnt line up sometimes, like i`ll click that one cell and the red line will line up with a cell a few spaces away and then it transforms/edits the cell with the red line.

so to sum it up, i click one cell i want to edit or do something with, and it doesnt affect the cell i actually want.


If the Function editor is currently shown try to close it and see if you are getting the same behavior.

This might fix the situation.

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