Dear Any helpful experienced TBS user,

I’m not sure where to begin…

I have experience in traditional animation (as a kid, I built a copy stand, my own registrations pegs, light box, optical printer, and a rotoscope set up. I used a super 8 camera to shoot it) during my teenage years and have worked the last 17 years in the film industry. I left the film industry to become a Real Estate Appraiser but now the firm I am working for wants me to create Podcast “How to appraise” videos. Being that I am new to the firm and the industry, I do want to impress. I bought Toon Boom to create animated examples of situations in appraising (i.e. what is an easement?). I had been using Apple’s Key Note to create simple animated examples and diagrams which works great until it is exported to iMovie and exported as a Podcast (The quality was atrocious because of the degeneration of the resolution). Now I realize that the learning curve is much bigger and I am running out of time.

I see myself as computer literate and moderately competent, but I am not a power user by any stretch. I have the Toon Boom book but really don’t have the time to sit and diligently go through the process. I watched a few tutorials but they really don’t pertain to my needs in this simple diagram.

So… is it possible to pick your brain?

If so…

Is it possible that I explain the premise of one “example” (like the Easement thing) to you so that you have a idea of the project? Explain the elements involved and proceed with very precise questions.

I really would appreciate any help or direction for help. I have emailed the person involved with onsite training and waiting for a response.


Jeffrey Hughes

Well, you might like and have a look at this article:


Thanks, but getting to the podcast isn’t the problem. Its actually creating the content…

Well, I guess nobody here can hold your hand and create the content for you.

With your experience in traditional animation and film-industry - (it might be small and some years ago) - I am confident you will learn and understand the workings of Toon
Boom Studio or Express in no time.

Just go through the Tutorials and the User Guide and in a few days your content
will be ready for podcast.


Check your personal messages -JK


I wasn’t wanting someone to hold my hand… I was hoping to correspond with someone and explain in detail my question. A “how to do this and that”… I would pay someone to go a step further and work by telephone, just iron out these questions.

Here is one example of a question…

In my lesson of "What is an easement?"

It is a bird’s eye view of two properties with a state road (camera right) that runs N and S. One of the properties is of course land locked… blah blah.

I made the road and using the rectangle tool and then I wanted a segmented line to run through the middle of the road to be the divider. Where on earth does one find the choice of solid, segmented, dotted, arrows, etc.?

That is one of my more simpler questions…

Thank you,


There are no line styles in Toon Boom. Flash has them, and could be imported, but I don’t think that’ll give you the look you want.

I’ve done a couple of roads, and what I’ve used is another yellow or white rectangle on a separate element. It should be long and thin. Then use the scissor tool to cut segments out of it.

Some discussion on this would be good, but I tend not to use the lines much, mainly fills and brush strokes. Lines are a centerline with growth on them, and seem (to me) to get rounded ends that I can’t control. You can, however, turn them into brush strokes under the Tools menu in 3.5.

Thank you Ron… It seems silly that Line Styles don’t exist in TBS. It seems like such basic thing.


Mr JK has been helping me along. I really appreciate everyone’s help and input. I am starting to see the light!