I’ve just installed TBSv3 on my PC and evrytime I try to use it it takes ages to actually do anything. I try to draw and the line doesn’t appear for over a minute. I’ve got 1gb RAM, 160gb HDD, Athlon 1.6ghz processor and 128mb video card, but as I say, the pc isn’t coping at all. I’ve even bought a program to repair the registry files incase it’s that, but that has made very little difference. The processor is working at 100% so could it be that? Can someone advise me asap as I’m working on a project with a tight deadline.


I’m wondering, are you running Toon Boom Studio with 2 monitors? If you are try to put the setting to horizontal span instead of dual monitor. Although this should not cause the processor to work at 100%. Is the problem only happenning with TBS or is this also occuring with other softwares?

Anyway I would advise you to send us a message containing your msinfo32 file so we can check this one out.(Run>msinfo32>Save the file and attach it to the message). A list of the process running would also be helpful.

We’ll be waiting to hear news from you.

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