Help won't open from within Animate 2

I think I raised this one other time…but…‘Help’ won’t open from within the program, nor from hitting F1.

I can open the help pdf from a link on the desktop but I really would like to be able to access it from within the program.

Any ideas why it will not open form within the program.

I found that Adobe Reader X was not the default for opening pdf files from the desktop - Acrobat was - so I have set AR X to be default and the pdf links on the desktop now open when clicked.

I’ve had a look in the Control Panel at the default program for opening pdf’s and it is set to Adobe Reader.

However, perhaps somehow AR x is not the default reader for the pdf’s in Animate 2. If not, how do I go about setting it as the default?

Pick a PDF document, right-click it to “Open With” - then select the Adobe Reader program. Make sure to check the box that says “Always Open With” when doing this.

Acrobat is the earlier version of the Adobe reader but does not support some of the advanced indexing/formatting features of the newer version which was used to create the help files.

Thanks rkriz. Sorry to be so long to get back…

You say: ‘Make sure to check the box that says “Always Open With” when doing this.’ I don’t have “Always Open With” as an option under “Open With”.

Under right click > properties I do however and it is set to Adobe Reader.

If I just right click, the top option is “Open with Adobe Reader X”