help with toon boom

hi i have donloaded the trial version of toon boom studio v2 express… ok in drawing mode i drew a scene of a neighborhood with a sidewalk and stuff… i want to get someone to walk across the screen, i tried reading the help but i cant get it , i dont understand the pegs and things like that, can someone please give me a detailed way on how to atleast just move someone or something across the screen,

thanks a lot

-gabe :-\

Hi, Gabe–

Take a look at Steve Ryan’s Toon Boom tutorials–many of us Toon Boomers have found them to be very helpful. Most people learn so much faster when actually seeing the action take place, not just reading about it.

I’m sure others will jump in to help you out with specifics if Steve’s lessons don’t fully address question.

Good Luck,

Also, Gabe, don’t forget about tapping into Toon Boom’s own turtorials right here. I think you need to register to do it.

Home> Support> Toon Boom Studio> Tutorials

Best, ES