help with tbs bones

hi im new to toon boom and am really strugling with the bone feature, every time i add bones it moves and distorts all my drawing. i cant seem to find any tutorials except the small part in the manual,i have already tried to use the minipulate bone but nothing ??? ??? ??? can any1 please help



I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with the Bones feature. What part of the Help guide are you using as reference? There is a 30 page chapter about the Bones feature that should cover most of the added functionality. That, and there is also a set of videos that you can buy from the store.

Take a look now and then to see if there have been new Tips and Tricks added, and in the meantime, you can send some of your specific questions to

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thanks i got it sorted all i hat to do was change the bone type from elliptical to infinite, sorry but i really dont see the use in the elliptical 1 nothing really seems to work. anyway its fine now thanks for ou help,

Quote: i really don’t see the use in the elliptical 1 nothing really seems to work.

Actually elliptical zones of influence do work just fine. It is all a matter of how you set up your bone chains.the order of bones determines which overlapping zone takes precedence, the lowest child always gets their way, and how you make desired adjustments of those zones of influence in relationship to your attached artwork. Stay at it and keep asking questions. -JK

i managed to get it all sorted then made my walk cycle but i couldnt figure out a way to get it to loop. i created a loop and my characters legs started moving all around the screen afterthe firt cycle, dou know how to fix this


You can find the some great information about this in a previous thread here at the forums-Thanks JK
Looping A Bone Animation