HELP with symbols and templates!


I’ve created a symbol for a character composed of several sub symbols (e.g. arm, legs, head, eyes, etc). Some of these symbols are cycles (e.g. blinking, mouth positions, etc). After saving this character as a symbol, I then created a template from the symbol, opened a new project and dropped the template into the camera. My intention was to create a similar character from the previous symbol. My problem is I’ve lost the old character. The name still appears in the symbol area: Top - OldCharacterName - Head. How do I accomplish this without deleting my old symbol?

I’m afraid that I’m a little bit confused from your wording. Let me see if I can deconstruct this a little bit:

You have created a character made up of sub-symbols.

You created a template from the symbol - how? Did you drag-and-drop from the timeline into the library? When you did this, did you collapse the timeline first? It may be possible that if your timeline was expanded and not all your layers were highlighted, then you may have only created a partial template.

On a side note, is there a reason why you have created the character in symbols? You may have a hard time animating it this way. There’s nothing wrong with having things like a blink or mouth positions in a symbol, but if you put your whole character in a symbol, then every time you animate it you’re going to have to double-click to get inside the symbol to animate, then go back out to your main scene again. You’re probably better off not working with so many symbols.

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