Help with Swaps/Substitutes

When I use the swap/substitute, they move in other frames when adjusted.
I use Alt+Shift D to separate it, but it makes a duplicate swap/substitute, so if I keep using that method, i’ll end up with lots of swaps/substitutes.
There has to be a better way, can anyone help?

Thank you

Edit: Here is an example of what I mean


Yes, Alt+Shift D makes a duplicate of the image.

I am not sure what you want to do.

Please, explain more about the probolem.

Thanks for your reply,

What I’d like to do is use the swaps/substitutes on different frames as necessary, but without them moving on other frames where they are being also used, and i’m looking for a solution which doesn’t duplicate them as new swaps/substitutes in the library, which the Alt+Shift D method does.

Do Iunderstand you right that when you add a new frame to your layer it also adds a new frame to another layer which you dont want.
Maybe the layers are cloned if that happened.

Don’ t exactly understand how you work.

If you attach as screenshot could make it easier. ( You can only attach a file to your first post. )

I have edited my first post, the file was too large to attach, so i popped it onto Imgur, I hope that’s okay.

I have looked to the image and it looks like the layers are linked to each other which means if you change one layer the other one will update too.

How did you duplicate the layer?

I selected a new frame, and put the character back together in the orientation I wanted it, i.e 3/4 view of head, body facing camera etc from the library and now i’m trying to edit them, e.g make the head look down, or recede into himself and such, to put together a scene but they keep moving every other frame too, so i’m stuck, short of alt shift D, but that’s making a mess of the library.

It seems like you have duplicated the first layer as a clone so every time you edit something the other layer updates.

What happens if you do this:

  • select the layer in the timeline, rightclick and duplicate selected layers.

Then do some edit in the new layer. Do the other ones update too?

If you later want to get rid of a lot of frames in the layer that is not used you can use this script:

but make sure the layer is not cloned otherwise the images in the other layers will be deleted too.

Thanks for helping me work this out, got it sorted now!

Great you make it work!