Help with Rigging: Transform tool selection box registering blank drawing incorrectly


I’m currently working on a rig and ran into a problem with incorrect transformation boxes, when selecting the hands. Both drawing and Peg layer.

The hands work like frame 1 in the attached picture. There’s a copy of the hand layer called “_OL” which the animators can use to place props in the hands of the characters without much trouble. It is synced with the hand layer.

However, on the OL drawing layer, only some of the drawing substitutions need to have actual drawings on them which is illustrated in Frame 2. On those drawing substitutions, there are no problem with the transformation box. However some of the drawings are blank because they don’t need an OL. I found that it puts the transformation box in a strange place when the drawing is blank, like you can see on frame 3. However there is no invisible lines or anything and the pivot is looking fine as well.

Then when I select the peg layers I get a huge transformation box as you can see on frame 4 of the attached picture.
It’s not changing pivots and I don’t think it will affect animation, it’s mostly just for smooth operation of the rig and the hand having a consistent transformation box when working with it.

I’ve triple checked all drawings for runaway lines, and also checked if the pivot is correctly placed, and I can’t find anything. Any idea on how to fix this?


EDIT: I should note that I am working in Harmony 17