Help with pegs.

So I’m rigging up my first character, and it’s a girl with semi-long hair. The hair on the back of her hair goes down beneath her shoulders. Now obviously, I don’t want her hair to go above the shoulders, so I placed the drawing layers for the hair on the back of her head beneath all the others.
However now I’ve placed a peg on all layers, and I want to put all pegs for the head under a master head peg. But in order to do that, I seem to have to drag them together under the same peg in the layers window. But this means that because the head sits on layers higher than the body, the hair on the back of her head obstructs the body. Is there a way to unite the hair on the back of her head under the master peg without having it obstruct the torso?

I’m using Essentials, so no node view. If I had that, there wouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t, so…
Really frustrating. Please help.

I would suggest applying a small Z value in the peg of your hair_back peg to bring it behind the torso. While in the camera, select the hair, and to nudge it to the front or back, you can do it by pressing alt + up or down keys, this overrides the order of the timeline by setting a key frame in the Z axis. You can also do it from the top view but it is harder to make the value very small. You don’t want to make the gap between the layers too big or else it will show as the perspective will start showing.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: Let me know if you have more questions.


the layer order does not always represent the order in which the elements are displayed.

You can change the layers’s display order by using Alt + Arrow Up or Alt + Arrow Down.
This will slidely change the elements’ Z-position.

So, no need to place the back hair layers all under the other layers. Just give them their own peg and nudge it down. :wink:

Furtherfore, I advice you to always:

  • change the composites’ mode to ‘Pass Through’
  • disactivate ‘Animate Using Animation Tools’ in the Control Tab of the ‘Layer Properties’ panel of each drawing layer.
    That way all your transformations will be applied to the pegs and not to the drawings themselfs.

I hope this helps.

Best regards


Geneviève, you were 10 seconds faster. :slight_smile:

That is super helpful. Thank you guys so much. :slight_smile:

That is super helpful. Thank you guys so much. :slight_smile:

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