Help with multi camera scene

Hello everybody, I write this time because I need some help with a scene I’m making, in wich I created a couple of cameras, each one shooting different parts of the same “stage” (2D).
The problem is I don’t know how to set different cameras for different moments (e.g. “camera1” from 0 to 30 sec in the timeline, and “camera2” from 30 to 60 sec).

Regards and thanks in advance.

I believe you can only use 1 camera per scene. You can certainly create multiple cameras with different settings, but they are for compositional purposes so that you can see what your scene looks like from different POV’s. Once you decide which camera works best for your scene, you use that one for rendering.

In other words, any time you want to render from a different camera you need to create a new scene, e.g. Camera 1 would be one scene, Camera 2 would be a second scene. I think the assumption is that shorter scenes will be more easily rendered and then compiled in an NLE.

Ok, thank you Guitartist for your answer.
I think of this as an issue, because if one character is, for example, talking to another one, and you want to change the camera to catch the reaction of the last one in a certain point of the scene, you just can´t do it.
I will have to figure out some other way to do it.


Well, I presume, you can…

Create as many cameras as you need in one project.

Select any of those cameras, animate them, then render/export those shots
to any frame range you like.

Combine those shots in your favourite video-editor.