HELP with moving objects!

I’ve created a scene with four characters all with individual parts (legs, arms, head, mouth, etc). I reopened the file, and I am now working on the fifth character…strangely, any drawing I create on a new layer is placed at a different position on the z axis then those created previously, additionally when I attempt to move these parts to the correct positions they move at different distances/rates of speed. And when I attempt to link the upper arm to the forearm and rotate the parent, the child does not remain in the correct position instead it rotates on it’s on center point, ignoring the pivots I had previously assigned. How can I reset/address this?

I’ve found that moving objects in the top window using the select tool provides different results.

Can anyone explain why?

Did you add drawings to existing pegs or elements?


Are you naming multiple elements or pegs by the same name eg. Leg_peg for character 1 and 5. Toonboom will occasionally steal information from like-named elements even if they are in separate groups, or made in different files then imported into the same scene.

Select all the afflicted elements/pegs then click shift+R this should zero out all animation information on all the elements. If they are still everywhere you can zero out the Z information in the coordinates and control points menu.

Are your pivot points set correctly? Do you have multiple elements giving animation information to a single peg?

um… can’t think of any other reasons right now, update if these help or not.

Are you using Animate or Animate Pro?

Remember that whenever an element is a child of another element, whether it’s a drawing or a peg, it will inherit the transforms from the parent. So if you create a new drawing layer as a child of a layer that’s already been created, it will be transformed by the same amount as the parent.

Also, when you create a new drawing on a drawing layer, it always by default has the pivot in the centre of the drawing. You need to use the pivot tool to set the pivot for each drawing on each layer.

If you want the pivot to be the same for all the drawings on a layer, what you can do is set the pivot on the first one. Then copy that first frame (select it in the timeline and do a Ctrl-C). Now click on the frame that you want to copy the pivot to, and then right-clcick and select Paste Special… Go to the Advanced tab. Under the Drawings tab, select the last radio button, Update Drawing Pivot. Now you can also, if you desire, uncheck the keyframes if you don’t want any keyframes to be pasted as well. Now you can select all of the other frames that you want to paste the pivot to and right-click and do a Paste Special Again.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean when you say that you get different results by moving them in the top view. As opposed to what? Moving them in the perspective view? Or moving them in the Camera view? You can’t move objects back and forth in the camera view, you can only scale them with the transform tool, and nudge them back and forth a small amount, so I’m a bit confused about what you’re describing here.

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