Help with keeping camera shots separate?

Hey, I’m really new to Harmony. I am currently doing an animation where for the most part the camera is still, but in one shot goes from an extreme close up to a wide shot. I got the close up to wide shot, but now all the animation before the close up are animated to zoom in. Why is it doing this? Is there a way to separate shots and keep the camera still except when I need it to change? Thanks for all help~

Hmm I don’t really understand how exactly your scene is set up?
Is the problem that the camera is not moving or that you have two sets of characters with a different scale?
Can you share some screenshots before and after the zoom with the timeline visible?

you must have not made the animation keyframes for the camera properly,
click the + icon and select make new camera and then click the + icon with the curve to make and attach camera to peg, select peg layer on timeline layers panel and go to top view, select Translate Tool NOT Transform, click on blue arrow to animate y axis to dolly or truck the camera in and out, move scrubber on timeline to last frame or selected frame and animate blue arrow on top view to move the camera in or out from the scenes, Keyframes will be created on the timeline, ok so have your camera in a normal view select the peg layer in the timeline layers panel and go to insert select add keyframe, move scrubber on timeline to the point where you want the close up, move one frame and make another keyframe,
go to top view and move your camera into your close up shop, advance scrubber on timeline to where you want your wide view shot to be and select camera peg layer again and move camera out to make wide and keyframes, by selecting the camera peg and using top or side view and advancing frames on the timeline you can control how the camera moves or animates, to make quick camera changes advance only one frame at a time on the timeline so camera changes without animating, you also have the option to make multiple scenes and just use one scene for a close up and make another scene with wide shot and render each movie and composite the scenes in after effects, premiere, final cut pro or vegas if you like

Hi…I’m looking for information on how to actually do the zoom in the first place…like where one shot goes from extreme close up to a wide shot…do you know any tutorials or can help me? Thanks!!

Hi, when you intend on moving the camera around, you first need to add a camera, and then add a PEG to the camera. You then keyframe the PEG on the camera to the position you want the shot to be. When you select the peg you will notice the frame of your scene change so you can grab it with the cursor and drag it in and out - effectively this is how you zoom in and out. Then just set a key frame for each start and end position.

There are also some cool more advanced tweaks you can to the velocity of the camera movement so you can have a slower in or slower out when moving.

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