Help with Image Fracture

Hello there folks,
I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with with Image Fracture in the particle system.
Long story short, as part of a class assignment, we are to make a particle system from the ground up (not allowed to modify one the the example ones).
So I’m trying to make one of what would look like an exploding planet.

I have my drawing and Matte set up as the “User guide” suggest using Image Fracture, Velovity, and so on. When I go the the perspective view the planet drawing look broken up as I want to look. However, I keep running in to various issues when I try to tweak it. Either it looks like one solid object in the camera view (but doesn’t break apart) or it starts off broken up, but never starts off whole. I tried a few things like setting key frames hoping that would fix it, but doesn’t seem to change anything.
I tried asking my teacher for help, but he is also stumped as to how to get it to work correctly.

If you have any advice, or need me to take screen shot of what I have so far so you can see what I mean, Let me know.

Thank you, Joe.

Im pretty sure you’re not lookin for this anymore.

But for other who will google the same question…

here’s you’re answer: