Help with filling tool

Hi, I’m using Toon Boom v4 on a Mac and having trouble filling in areas drawn with the brush tool.
I’m left with an unsightly thin white line between the brush line and the fill area when filling with the same colour as the line (like black on black).

Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

Thanks for your help!

Select the brush outline and the paint zone together using the drawing SELECT tool (1) while holding down the SHIFT key. Then from the menu TOOLS>FLATTEN. This will merge the brush outline and the paint zone as long as they are the same color. -JK

Thanks for your help. That works well but seems like a really complicated way of performing a simple fill!


JK’s suggestion is a good one, but if you feel that you don’t really want to take that extra step you should know that the thin white line that you see between the outline and a fill of the same color is only visible in drawing or camera view but will not be there when you render the scene.

In other words, it may be annoying, but it will not show up in your exported movie. On the other hand, flattening your image will reduce the number of points in your drawing and help keep your file size down.


Everything that everyone else said is definitely true, especially about the rendering. Things look totally different when you export, in my case usually a lot better, much to my surprise lol. But I’ve had the same kind of issue, and what I do is just zoom in very close and use the paint bucket in the gap and that usually fills it up just fine.