help with file size

My file size is massive!! how can i reduce the size?
I cant merge artwork properlay.

if you’re driving bitmap files, you must lower the resolution, another option is to remove elements in the scene which are not needed

Before doing any optimising, I recommend backing up your file by doing a Save As just in case anything that you do is irreversible and gives you undesired results.

First I would try a File > Remove Unused Files.

Next I would do Drawing > Optimize > Optimize. This will flatten drawing and remove unused strokes in one go. This may change the look of some of your drawings, however, so just beware to go back and check (especially if you use lots of pencil lines). The best way to do this one is to make a permanent selection that selects all your drawings then you can do them all in one go - but if you try to do too many at once, it may overload the software, so just beware before you do this that you save.

The last thing I would do is if you have a lot of pencil lines, I might consider converting from Pencil to Brush. Brush strokes are less intensive than pencil strokes.

Hope this helps!

Toon Boom Support