Help With Changing Brush Presets/Importing New Brushes

Hi all! So I’ve noticed that ToonBoom Harmony really only has one type of brush–very simple vector brush with no pen sensitivity whatsoever. This is incredibly frustrating, especially when I want a brush that’s a little more like a pencil which can layer on top of itself and has that dry media texture (I also can’t find any sort of opacity adjustments). I was wondering if there are any online galleries for brush downloads or if there was any way to change the presets to make my own? I can only find adjustments for size, smoothing, contour smoothing, and tip shape. I saw someone using the Storyboard Pro software and they had an option for changing texture which would also allow you to bring in a brush from Photoshop. Is this a perk that only that software gets? Or am I missing something?? Please help me out!

Which of the three Harmony levels are you working with?

Only Advanced and Premium have the texture and variable width pencil.

Are you using a tablet? (Pressure sensitivity is not available with a mouse).

The way you get a pencil to act like you described is using a degree of transparency (“a pencil which can layer on top of itself”), however brushes and pencils reacting to a simulated rough surface is not yet available in Harmony.

I only have Stage Essentials and I am using a tablet! I guess I can just line my stuff in photoshop if I need to. Thank you!